Bully Awareness Course

5 Lessons

This Bully Awareness Course was created to help parents protect their children from becoming bully-victims. The activity-based lessons will empower you and your child to be able to deal with bullying more effectively. In this course, you will learn:

1. A simple proven technique that allows you to confront your child about bullying in a non-threating way that makes them feel comfortable.

2. Why it is imperative to use an activity-based approach if you want your child to be honest about their own bullying experiences.

3. How to build support structures for your child that enables them to combat bullying proactively.

Course Structure


Introduction & Methodology

Bullying has become a serious problem worldwide and one in three students between the ages of 2 and 18 are bullied in school. In this lesson, we look at some facts about bullying and the psychological effects it has on your child.


Activity 1 – The Ice Breaker

One of the hardest parts of helping your child to deal with bullying is approaching them on the subject. In this lesson we teach you a simple technique that opens the subject in a friendly non-threatening way that makes your child feel comfortable talking to you about bullying.


Activity 2 – What Does Bullying Mean to Your child?

To cement the trust you have just built in the previous lesson, it is essential to show your child that they are not alone and that you are there to offer them support. In this lesson, we show you ways that you and your child can discuss bullying in an open and honest way.


Activity 3 – Identifying Different Bullying Behaviour

It is essential that your child understands that bullying comes in many shapes and forms and in this lesson we provide you with real-life examples of bullying that you can discuss with your child. Not all actions constitute as bullying and it is imperative your child can identify bullying correctly.


Activity 4 – Implementing the Buddy System

Most children that are being bullied feel that they have no one to turn to. In this lesson we show you how to create a support system for your child that helps them feel safe in a social environment and allows them to cope with bullying.